The register managed by ELive Music 2343576-0, Alhonkangas 12 68300 KÄLVIÄ, FINLAND. The data in the register is processed by Martin Söderbacka, The collected personal data is used to maintain, manage and develop customer relationships and potential customer relationships and for marketing purposes. The data that is collected is name and email adress when the customer willingly signs up for our newsletter by filling the form provided on our website or by other means gives his consent to use his name and email adress for maintaining customer relationships and for marketing purposes. You can at any time unsubscribe the newsletter and thereby exit our marketing list by 1) clicking unsubscribe newsletter on the newsletter you’ve received in your email or by 2) sending a request to Data transfers outside the EU and ETA area. We share our marketing list (optional to subscribe) with our newsletter provider MailChimp which is located in US. The data that is shared with MailChimp is newsletter subscribers name and email adress. You can read more how MailChimp uses data from here: