concert production

ELive Music produces concerts and projects for own ensembles. We are constantly working on new ways and concepts to reach out to new listeners and to boost the positive effect of cultural experiences. 

ELive Music is the concert producer for “soul what?'”

ELive Music has produced concerts for Soul What? ever since the group started out. The most significant productions have been the album release tours ”The Silver Lining” in 2013 and ”What Lies Ahead” in 2016. In 2018-2019 ELive Music organizes 10-year anniversary concerts for Soul What? feat. Joonatan Rautio.

“Musiikkia Arjen Keskellä” -concert series

Since 2015 ELive Music has produced ”Musiikkia Arjen Keskellä” conserts for group Söderbacka-Matikainen Duo. To every concert the Duo invites a guest and arranges and composes the music to suit that particular concert. This projects central idea is to provide high class concerts and make cultural experiences possible for everyone in places such as cafés and librarys. There is no admission fee to these concerts but the audience can make a contribution to the project during the concert. The project “Musiikkia Arjen Keskellä” has been made possible by TAIKE, Svenska Kulturfonden, Stiftelsen Kulturfonden för Gamlakarlebynejden r.s. and Kokkolan Kaupunki.

Söderbacka-Matikainen Duos guests in the project ”Musiikkia Arjen Keskellä”:

Mikael Svarvar (vocals, piano)
Joonatan Rautio (saxophone)
Mikko Pettinen (trumpet)
Kenneth Ågren (vocals)
Jesse Kaikuranta (vocals, piano)


Teemu Viinikainen (jazzguitar)
Jesse Kaikuranta (vocals, piano)
Joonatan Rautio (saxophone)
Sid Hille (jazzpiano)
Simon Granlund (classical tenor)


Sid Hille (jazzpiano)
Simon Granlund (classical tenor)
Timo Roiko-Jokela (jazz-vibraphone)
Matts Möller (poem, vocals)
Anders Hassel (fairy story, vocals)

2015 :

Sid Hille (jazzpiano)
Noora-Kaisa Salo-Peltokoski (classical clarinet)
Mari Toivola (kantele)
Tero Moilanen (drums)
Matts Möller (poem, vocals); “Soi Sävelet Rauhaa Syvää – Eino Leino runo- ja musiikkiesitys”
Anders Hassel (fairy story, vocals) ”En Musikalisk Sagostund på dialekt”

“ELive Jazz Happening” event

ELive Jazz Happening is a jazz event that was held for the first time in summer 2018 at Vohvelikahvila in Kokkola.  ELive Jazz Happening 2018 artists were: Jesse Kaikuranta performing magical and touching versions of jazz tunes, top notch jazzguitar playing by one of Finlands foremost guitarist Teemu Viinikainen and super-energetic and explosive soul/jazz music by Soul What? Feat. Joonatan Rautio

collaboration with elive music?

Contact us if you want to purchase a concert from us or if you have a project to which ELive Music would be a suitable business partner.

“What Lies Ahead” album release tour
Soul What? feat. Joonatan Rautio
Philly Joe´s, Tallinn
“A New Dawn” by Söderbacka/Matikainen
“Musiikkia Arjen Keskellä” -concert series
Söderbacka-Matikainen Duo feat. Teemu Viinikainen
Café Kahvipuu, Kokkola
“The Traveller” by Söderbacka/Matikainen