sound production

ELive Music sound production offers unique theme songs, sound logos as well as music for your promotional videos or commercials. We manage the whole production for you: composing, recording, mixing and mastering. We always use professionals in our productions.

An example of ELive Music sound production is ”PaaPii Theme” which we composed for company PaaPii Design Oy. The video production was managed by Hiutale Filma and the music was tailored to fit both PaaPii Design Oy and Hiutale Films requests.

Our sound production also offers custom made sound logos. We also have pre-composed logos in stock, be sure to check out our special sound logos with Finnish instrument Kantele, which capture true Finnish feel and landscapes. Contact us and get the link to stock sound logos!

When you need something individual that surely fits your company image, contact us and together we’ll plan a suitable solution for you!

Music and production
”PaaPii Theme” by Söderbacka/Matikainen

Music and production
“Soi sävel joulun taikaa” by Söderbacka/Matikainen